Teams to Watch - BCS

3D Team Bizness
Kevin Butler
3D looked like they could be hitting their stride with Julius Jackson leading the team as a ball handler and point guard. 3D could be a sleeper at the BCS GASO.
Franchize All Stars
Tureel Henderson
Here comes the Franchise to show off some of Houston's best talent and even some from Central Texas. Trey Knight of Cedar Park is an explosive penetartor and will help lead the All Stars. We will also get a look at Gerald Thomas and Gilbert Thomas.
Prep Stars Elite Superstars
Jason Pillow
The Houston Superstars and Prep Stars merged last weekend, so there will be a new look to them. Familiar faces Chris Harris and Jalen Weber will still be there, but Malik Amos will now suit up for the Superstars.
Will Reagins
From the Adidas circuit, RL9 has plenty of players to choice from. You can take a look at unsigned seniors and underclassmen. Emmanuel Olojakpoke could be a rising 2015, and should be a factor throughout the weekend.
Seth Engle
SABO has been on a hot streak and have had some underclassmen stepping up. Clevon Brown, Jeff Fesperman and River Reed have been competing at a nice level at the GASO. We look for the return of Kyle Murphy.
Texas Tigers AC
David Henry
Well, The Texas Tigers came close to a GASO title over Memorial weekend, and with their charge to the championship game against the Dallas Mustangs, this Tigers team showed that hard work and determination is their key to success. The Tigers don't have a clear cut "stud", but they have a few prospects that need to be seen. Jamal Monroe is a huge man in the middle and should help this weekend.
Texas Titans
Scott Pospichal
The Titans are returning to their third Great American Shoot-Out, but their first since the conclusion of the Nike EYBL before Peach Jam in July. Power Forward Mickey Mitchell has since returned and has been in top form. Texas Hoops will get their chance to see him up close and watch the "wow" factor he brings. Also, looking for Grant Troutt to continue his sharp-shooting.
Triumph Select Gold
Steve Adams
The newly acquired Seljah Johnson from Paris high school will be one of the intriguing athletes on the team that already has two of the state's best bigs in Emmanuel Nzekwesi and Mason Riggins.
TX D1 Ambassadors Carlton
Craig Carlton/Max Ivany
After their first stint as an Adidas group in the Gauntlet, TX D1 comes back to the GASO with two hot shooters in Harrison Hackney and Tony Allen. Not much was made of their time on the Adidas circuit, but TexasHoops will be watching to update the state.