Hes Number 1

Frank Byers spent his summer hitting the court with Dallas Showtyme improving his game, and traveling to tournaments around the country. But during the week, the 5-foot-10 point guard, who is a prospect of South Oak Cliff, "suited up" from nine-to-five for one of the top Banks in the world.
"I received an internship at JP Morgan Chase," said Byers. "I was able to get on with the bank through a program at [S.O.C.]. I feel very fortunate that I was chosen for a a great position at Chase, and all the networking opportunities will help me in the future."
Besides being ranked as the No.138 player in the state of Texas, according to the recent 2015 rankings, Byers is the best student at South Oak Cliff.
"Right now I am No.1 in my class. I am the Valedictorian. I take my work seriously on the court, but it's equally as important in the classroom. I look at school as a competitive environment that I want to be the best at. I give it my all in everything I do."
On the court Byers is showing leadership as he takes control of the team. Paying attention to detail is what Byers does the best.
"I really look to get the ball to my teammates and set them up for easy scores," Byers said. "I am not known for my scoring with Showtyme, but I will have to be a complete player when I head back to school. I work on all parts of my game and feel that I am getting better. I won't stop until I get to the top."
With his work hard mentality, Byers takes care of business in the weight room, making sure to squeeze the time in when he can.
"I have had to change my routine to make things work for me. I go nonstop from the time I wake up to head to work, till late in the evening. I make sure I do everything I can. I control what I do on the court and in the weight room. It's not always fun, but everyone else who doesn't work, is putting the time in during the day. I have a great trainer that keeps me going."
Texas Hoops Analysis:FRANK is a physically gifted point guard that pushes the ball up court and gets through defenses with his speed. He can control tempo and he limits his mistakes. He has a good touch when he gets in the lane and uses floaters to get his shot off. He will hit the open three, but is more of a penetrate and dish player. He will be physical on both ends and puts ball pressure on his opponents.