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GASO: June New Kids on the Block

The spring and summer has turned into the "July Open Period", where all eyes are now focused on the future prospects for all levels. TexasHoops.com/GASO Analyst Blue Zertuche presents the latest NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, from Houston and Austin.


Caleb Asberry • 6-foot-2 • 2018 • Pflugerville • Dreamteam Cougars 2018

It shouldn't come as any surprise to find an up and coming player from Pflugerville High, especially when the Great American Shoot-Out travels to Austin. Asberry made a quick impression with his athleticism, length and his ability to hit the three. He shot the ball with confidence and elevated over the defense to hit the three.


Timmy Benavides• 5-foot-8 • 2018 • San Antonio Reagan • GATA V

GATA has been successful this year and one of the reasons why is Benavides. The point guard understands how to play the position, changing speeds and setting up a half-court offense. Benavides can shoot the three, so he can't be left open.


Will Chayer • 6-foot-6 • 2018 • Veterans Memorial • Corpus Christi Bruins

Chayer has a nice inside presence as he is an active forward that hangs around the rim. He does a great job of being a glue guy and taking on all phases of the game. He has been a key member of the Corpus Christi Bruins run over the last three GASO's.


Cody Graham • 5-foot-9 • 2017 • Houston St Pius • JUST.WIN Academy

Graham possesses all the qualities needed in a point guard. He runs the team, he sets up his teammates, and he pushes the ball through traffic. Graham has a strong body and will play physical when he penetrates to the basket, taking bumps and bruises from opponents. Graham also has a soft pull-up jumper that he uses after creating space.


Kolbe Littlefield • 6-foot-3 • 2017 • Cibolo Steele • Urban ASAK 17

A guard that needs to be watched is Littlefield. He plays sparingly, but he does make the most of his time on the court. Littlefield will attack the rim and hit the mid-range jumper. If he gets an open look at the basket from behind the arc, he will let it fly.


Luke McGhee • 6-foot-8 • 2017 • San Antonio Clark • HD Toros Elite

McGhee is a football player, but if he wanted to dedicate himself to basketball, he is the type of competitor that would excel. The interior prospect looks to score in the paint and muscles his way around, rebounding and running the floor. It should be surprising when McGhee sees daylight and throws one in off an alley-oop.


Jackson Moffatt • 6-foot-4 • 2018 • Magnolia • Houston Hoops Elite

A versatile forward who does all the little things inside and out. Whether it's rebounding, hitting a mid-range jumper, or defending, Moffatt does his job with a blue-collar mentality. Though undersized when he dives inside the paint, Moffatt competes.


Jules Moor • 6-foot-3 • 2017 • Pearland Dawson • Texas PRO

Moor has his moments and he came up big in the championship game scoring 17 points, 14 in the second half of play during the GASO in Pearland. The wiry forward puts the ball on the floor and shows off nice body control on his way to the rim.

Maybe not a "true" New Kid on the Block as he is ranked in the TexasHoops.com Top 100, class of 2017, but Moor is a player that hasn't been talked about as often as others.

TexasHoops/GASO staff has been impressed with Moor and slashing ability and how quietly he goes about his business on the court. He is skilled on the perimeter and will get in a stance to defend, and most importantly makes the best of his time on the court.


Blake Nevins • 6-foot-6 • 2017 • Cy-Ranch • JUST.WIN Academy

An all-around forward that caught our eyes as he played extremely hard on both ends of the ball. Nevins left his mark as an energetic forward that could score, rebound and defend. Also, Nevins didn't have a problem sacrificing his body to get some dirty work done.


Chase Pinter • 6-foot-1 • 2017 • Cedar Ridge • CenTex Attack National

It was a great weekend for Pinter from behind the arc, and the sharp-shooter has a strong build and a great touch. Can stroke the three when his feet are set.


Brandon Reeves • 6-foot-6 • 2017 • Mansfield Legacy • FV 5:17

Reeves is an athlete that is bouncy around the rim. The slender prospect dives inside to battles for the ball coming off the glass, and when he finds the ball in his hands away from the bucket, he is skilled and can face up to hit shots.


Dalin Williams • 6-foot-8 • 2018 • West Texas • Corpus Christi Bruins

The more that you see Williams, the more you get excited about his potential. He has good hands and footwork to score in the paint and he is a nice target on the block. Like Chayer, Willaims has helped with the Bruins success, and from an individual standpoint, Williams is growing into a nice prospect who runs the floor and rebounds.

Ronald Williams • 6-foot-8 • 2017 • Killeen Ellison • Urban ASAK 17

A big that is raw and still developing but you can't put a price on size. Showed a few good moves while playing against players hs size.