GASO: 2 minutes with Karim York

DUNCANVILLE, Texas - One can only imagine the possibilities Karim York could have had if he stuck with his first love. Prior to becoming a high-profile basketball player at Del Valle High School, York was a pretty good pitcher and first baseman on the baseball field.
The 6-foot-7, 180-pound forward, however, has evolved into a standout basketball player and a major college prospect from the Class of 2011. Senior Writer Damon Sayles had a chance to sit down with York, who has led ATX Farley to the finals of the Great American Shoot-Out NBA Red Division later this afternoon.
As a pitcher, how fast was your fastball back then?
"I stopped playing in the seventh grade, but back then, it was up to 65 or 67 mph."
When did you first start playing basketball?
"It was the eighth grade. My dad introduced me to baseball first, but I was with my cousin all the time, and he introduced me to basketball. Hanging around with him, I just started practicing and practicing."
When did you know you had a genuine love for the game?
"That was my ninth-grade year. In the eighth grade, I wasn't that good, and when people said I wasn't any good, it made me want to work for it even more. I developed a love for it by working out so much."
What's it like knowing you're among the top prospects in the 2011 class?
"It feels good to know that I came from nothing to something. I don't want to get big-headed, though. I still know I can reach my potential if I keep learning."
What are some of the schools that have been in touch with you?
"Right now, it's been Texas Tech and UTEP. I also heard from Wichita State, Santa Clara, UMKC and Texas State."
What are you looking for out of a college?
"I want to be at a place where I can fit in. My parents want a real good academic program. I want someone to develop me so I can become a better player."