GASO: 2 minues with Ansley Benjamin

PEARLAND, Texas - At 6-foot-3 and still 16 years old, Ansley Benjamin may be considered a decent-sized kid. But imagine just how much bigger he can get in the next two or three years - particularly when you look at his father.
Benjamin is the son of former NBA big man Benoit Benjamin, a 7-footer who was drafted No. 3 overall in the 1985 NBA draft. Benoit Benjamin recorded more than 1,500 blocks professionally, including 1,117 playing with the Los Angeles Clippers, which is still a franchise record. Senior Writer Damon Sayles had a chance to sit down with Ansley Benjamin, who helped the Texas D-1 Ambassadors-San Antonio win its opening pool-play game against Alodia Eclipse Henderson on Friday.
What's it like being the son of a former NBA player?
"It gives me a little bit of motivation. People ask every day if he's my dad, and I feel like I have to live up to the expectations."
Is that pressure?
"I feel that there's pressure, but basically, what we both want is for me to play at the highest level as I can."
This is your first year with the D-1 Ambassadors-San Antonio. How's it been so far?
"I like it. Everyone on the team is a personal friend, and we have a lot of chemistry. I like Coach [Paul] Josephs. He knows what to do and what it takes to win games."
You're 6-foot-3, and your dad towers over 7 feet. You think you'll get to that height or taller?
"I'm young for my grade, so I still have some time to develop. My mom said that around this time is when my dad had his major growth spurt. We'll see what happens."
How's your recruiting process going?
"It's pretty good. I've gotten some D-1 mid-majors interested, and the coaches told me about some D-2s. I haven't been on any visits yet. It's still early, so I have some time."
What do you want to work on for the rest of the summer?
"My shooting. I don't feel it's off, but I want more confidence in my shot. I need to get better at that if I want to play at the next level."