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With a 180 teams at the Memorial Great American Shoot-Out Summer Tip Off, the talent pool was overflowing with familiar faces and New Kids On the Block (more on these kids later).
Gorilla Nation…
Dallas Showtyme had success early on in the Great American Shoot-Out because of the chemistry and the unselfish nature in which the team is ran. They take the time to make the extra pass, set each other up for easy scores, and have a willingness to play together. These characteristics made watching Showtyme very easy, and this Gorilla squad is easily one of the best overall teams the Erven "Big E" Davis has assembled. Still, it didn't take long to find who their top dog was on the floor.
Waiting for his game to take off was 6-foot point guard Corinthian Ramsey. He started off slow, but Ramsey had several big games for the Showtyme squad that dominated the competition throughout pool play and their first three bracket play games. On the offensive end, Ramsey showed that he has many different tools to beat his defenders. He used crisp passes to his open teammates, displayed great ball handling skills, and controlled the speed and quickness of the game and reveled the ability to fill up the basket from behind the arc. Ramsey didn't do a ton of driving to the basket, but then again he didn't have to. He was deadly coming off the dribble and staying within the flow of game drilling deep threes. For a point guard, Ramsey shot the ball as well as anyone in the tournament, connecting on double digit three-pointers on the weekend. There was plenty of help on the Dallas Showtyme team, but Ramsey, being the main ball handler helped his team play at a high level.
Digging into the depth of Showtyme, they had several players that contributed in small ways. Lovell Cabil was one that stepped up and was an extra ball handler and scorer, while Xavion Turnage finally broke out and gave Showtyme much needed balance as a penetrator and scorer in the lane off the dribble. Both Christian Davis and James Harrison did a great job of handling the interior duties.
There will be more to say about the players in the upcoming New Kids on the Block article.
Out of Richardson High, Blake Hardamon is showing that he is a player, suiting up for Team Texas Red. Hardamon is without a doubt the backbone of this team and he is given every opportunity to make things happen on the offensive side of the ball. He can play the role of a slasher, making defenses think twice about pressuring him outside the three -point area, and if he is left open from the arc, he will sink threes. He plays under control and is quick off the dribble. He can pull up inside 15-feet and get his jumper to fall. At 6-foot-3, he has a long frame and nice basketball build.
Other Player Notes:
Next Level Cats continued to use their experience on the court with the majority of their team being made up of unsigned seniors. Once again, Winzel Sterling put up big numbers and his game is screaming for a chance to play at the college level.
3D Sports Team Bizness has a point guard that will be on the rise and that will crack the next rankings. Julius Jackson out of Arlington Lamar was moved over from the shooting guard role that he plays for his high school, to the floor general at the point guard position. Jackson dished the ball to his teammates and penetrated his way to the basket. He is a strong point guard that is a nice athlete at his position and can fight through contact and finish in traffic.
Teammate Mike Bowers on 3D is a sharp shooter to take notice of. He was good at finding the open area behind the three-point arc and setting his feet.
Nolan Taylor of the Dallas Mustangs Blue is a load to handle on the block. The 6-foot-6 post is a thicker paint player that is light on his feet and can move around the area to get the ball in the basket.
High school teammates Anthony Davis and Marquis Williams of Lewisville looked comfortable settling in with the Dallas Seawolves. Davis packed a punch with his inside/out game, while Williams used speed to beat defenders.
From Kilgore, Trey Conrad looked bigger and stronger playing for the East Texas Ballers. The 6-foot-3 wing can fly up and down the court and hit the three and can get to the rim, moving with ease passed the defense. He can take the ball from one end to the other and finish in at the rim.
Looking more confident in his scoring ability was 2017 Jeff Fesperman. The skilled guard who plays with SABO, picked up some of the scoring slack with the absence of Kyle Murphy. Fesperman hit soft jumpers in the corners and drove to the basket. When he was left open, he took advantage of the defense not guarding him behind the three-point line.
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