Life at Prep School…is it for you

Over the last decade, prep school basketball has become an option that some high school players have chosen to venture through after their four years of eligibility has expired in their state athletic association. Prep school gives the player another year of growth on and off the court before they start the clock on their college careers. For division I basketball, a players five year clock to play four starts when they enroll at a D1 school. By choosing prep, a player can get another year of basketball and any academic help they need before the ticking begins.
The decision to attend prep school can depend on many things. What was their academic standing in high school and what do they need academically to prepare you for college? What were their scholarship options at 2- and 4- year schools? What are they looking for in a post high school playing experience? Can the prep year allow them to improve to the extent to attract the schools they were hoping to receive offers from out of high school?
Throughout this season, will be following the prep season of Warren Sledge at Future College Prep in Harbor City, Cal. Sledge played his high school basketball at Keller Central High School where he was a part of a very successful program. During his senior season, the Chargers won 30+ games and advanced to the playoffs as undefeated district champions. He is a very quick and slithery point guard who developed a nice scoring touch to go along with his ball skills and floor leadership.
Throughout the season, Warren will provide insights into his experience playing prep ball 1500 miles from home. We will take a look at why he decided to attend prep school, how the life experience is making him grow, how life on the court is going and where this ultimately leads him in his basketball playing career. We hope this monthly series provides some insight to players and parents as they consider this basketball option and for high school coaches who have players looking at prep ball after high school.
Warren's father, Gerald, was the assistant coach at Keller Central during his playing career (he took over the head position this season) and he will provide insight into the experience as a father and coach as well.
Journal Entry #1 on the Prep School Life by Warren Sledge
On his high school experience and how he got to prep school:
I enjoyed my teammates and coaches throughout my high school years and wouldn't trade them for anything. They helped me all become who I am today. My high school teams were talented through all 4 of my years especially senior year when we won the district championship. I also played for a couple of AAU teams. I played with the Dallas Heroes and Texas Select and trained throughout the summers. My recruitment through high school was a mixture of interest from low division 1 schools with a few division 2 offers.
The reason I chose prep was because I felt I could play at the division 1 level and wanted another chance at being recruited to a division 1 school. I had my academics in order coming out of high school and felt that one more year of working on my basketball game would allow me to reach my goal of playing division 1 basketball.
Life on the Court:
In a high profile matchup with Findlay Prep, Future College Prep played a match game at the Staples Center in L.A. Warren led FCP in assists with 6 and was the floor leader in a game that went down to the wire. Findlay, ranked #1 in the country, was able to hold off upstart FCP 73-72.
In a match game vs LaJolla Prep, FCP took a 96-84 victory. Sledge finished the prep school matchup with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists.
December Journal Entry
Warren will talk about his first semester experience on and off he court.
Coach Sledge will address how as a parent and coach he decided on prep school for his son and how he chose FCP.