GASO: 2 minutes with Quincy Russell

CARROLLTON, Texas - At 6-foot-4 and 289 pounds, Quincy Russell is one of the state's most sought-after football recruits in the Class of 2011. The San Antonio Sam Houston High School junior has just as much of an appreciation for the game of basketball, as he is playing AAU ball with the Austin Ice.
Russell and the Ice won Pool 1 of the NBA Division of the Memorial Day Great American Shoot-Out. Senior Writer Damon Sayles had a chance to sit down with Russell, a defensive tackle on the football field, as he prepared for championship-bracket play.
How many sports do you play?
"I play three - basketball, football and track."
Which one would you consider your favorite?
"It's 50-50 between football and basketball."
How exciting is it for you knowing you could possibly go Division I in either sport?
"It's a good blessing. There aren't too many out there who can say they can do that. Either way, I can fulfill my future by doing something I love."
Who's recruiting you in football?
"I don't want to sound cocky, but it seems like everybody. All of the Big 12, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas ... everybody."
What about with basketball? Are you getting looks?
"I'm getting looks from Stephen F. Austin. That's about it right now."
Are you going to try and play two sports in college?
"The way it's looking now, I'm going to just play football. I'll keep playing basketball to stay in shape, but I'm going to always play basketball competitively and do what it takes to win."
What do you want people to say about you after the GASO?
"One thing I want them to know, I might not be the tallest, but I'm not going to get pushed around. If I'm isolated or double-teamed, I'm going to hold my own."