GASO: 2 minutes with Kyan Anderson

DUNCANVILLE, Texas -- A cold January evening produced a school record that many thought would hold for years -- maybe even decades -- at North Crowley High School. Point guard Kyan Anderson scored 48 points in a game against Abilene High School, eclipsing the 45-point effort in 2008 by North Crowley alum and NBA draft pick Willie Warren.
Six months later, Anderson still answers questions about that night, in addition to his overall game, which has college coaches following his every move. The 5-foot-11, 165-pound floor general is one of the most respected players in the Class of 2011, and he's planning on making a college decision very soon. Senior Writer Damon Sayles had a chance to chat with Anderson, who is suiting up with the TX Bluechips-Navy in the Great American Shoot-Out. Anderson is dedicating the tournament to Bluechips teammate Deion Jackson-Houston, a 2012 guard from Duncanville High School who died on July 3 in Oklahoma.
With being a top-ranked in-state recruit comes pressure … or does it?
"There used to be a lot, but I got over it. A lot of schools were coming out every game, definitely when it all first started, but once I get on the court, it all goes away."
How often does the 48-point night come up?
"A lot of people in Fort Worth still talk about it. When it happened, it was kind of unexpected. It wasn't like I tried to go out and do it. My shot was just working, and I was able to take control."
You're playing the GASO with the Bluechips because of your relationship with Deion. How close were you two?
"When I first got to Texas, we were straight-up rivals. You couldn't get us to say hi to each other. But once I got to know him, I found out that he was such a loving and caring person. There's nothing negative I can ever say about him. We built a great relationship. We called ourselves brothers."
Thomas Gipson is wearing Deion's No. 11 Bluechips jersey. You're wearing No. 5, the number he wore when he played at Duncanville. Tell us about that.
"Deion used to tell me how the No. 5 meant a lot to him. I never had a chance to find out why, but he told me it was his favorite number. When I wear No. 5, I know I'm going to play my heart out for him."
Let's talk recruiting. How's that looking for you?
"Right now, it's Wake Forest, Georgetown, Arizona, UCLA and Miami. Those are my top five."
Are you planning on finalizing that decision soon?
"I plan on making a decision after Vegas, maybe early next month. I know I want to get it done before school starts."