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Exploring other options

Chris Harris of Houston Madison and the traveling team Houston Superstars, had verbally committed to Texas A&M back in the fall of 2013. According to Superstar head man, John Eurey, Harris will be exploring the market.
"Chris had a great relationship with the prior (Texas) A&M assistant coaches, and now that they are no longer there, the new staff needs to show Chris some love."
Eurey also says that the 6-foot-10 Harris is getting some interest and more is to come.
"University of Houston is very interested, and so is Boston College. Chris should be picking up an offer from Oklahoma State soon. But keep in mind that Texas A&M isn't out of the picture, he's just not committed to them at this time."
Texas Hoops Analysis:CHRIS is a long interior player that has developed his scoring ability around the basket. He is a really good rim protector that can get off the floor and block shots and rebound. He is a tremendous athlete that can get up and down the court and score in transition.